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dearest [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966

May we have many more together.
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and we're spending it in Paris!

Just goes to show that marvels can still happen.

Love you forever my phoenix
Jun. 23rd, 2012 11:28 am

A Wedding!

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[livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966 and I are in Canberra for my brother's wedding.

Hopefully there'll be no next time this time but, if there is, let's hope the couple pick a warmer day.

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So - a couple of months ago we found a suspicious length of garden hose missing from our back lawn.

We finally attached a padlock to the side gate.

Today [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966 found another length of hose taken - so they're probably coming over the fence.

Can't they just drive down to Canberra and pick up a bong there?
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Trixie & wound

She's just a bit groggy from the anaesthetic and wants to go outside (of course) but otherwise she's okay.

Except for the wound in her side.
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Don't have to go in today, but have to ring in tonight to see if I go in tomorrow.

Can't wait till this is over.

BTW - Trixie is in hospital - she's having an abscess removed and hopefully we pick her up tonight. Last night was odd without her around and [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966  couldn't sleep for worrying.

At least we know she wasn't involved in the cat fight that went on outside our window at 4am.

Trixie, that is. I don't think [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966  was involved either.
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Drove down to Canberra last night with my friend Phil, who noticed (as the night started to draw its veil around us) that the headlights weren't on.

Oh shit.

For some reason the high beams were still working so we burned out the retinas of those in front of us but, hey, at least we could see them.

So, this morning I'll dump Phil at the con and hopefully get the lights repaired.

For those interested in the Australian Games Expo - here's a group blog that will be updated through the weekend.

Not sure I'll have time to catch up with friends, but [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966 and I will be up again for the Paris Exhibition in a month or so.

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Jan. 20th, 2010 09:55 am


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So - some of you may recall that I got a summons for jury duty last year. It was for a six week trial, right at the start of a major year-long project that's taken us eight years to get off the ground.

Suffice it to say, my boss was not amused.

My application for exemption was turned down, I showed up on the day, only not to be picked.

That, I thought, was the end of it.

How wrong I was.

Last night, I find the familiar Sheriff's office letterhead in our mailbox, open the letter to find, surprise, surprise, another summons. For a four month trial. Which, of course, covers the end of this year-long project we've taken eight years to, etc, etc.

At this point you should probably be reminded that I have served on a jury twice: one was a mistrial after one week, and the other was a major six week trial involving a major NSW law enforcement character we shall refer to only as RR. This is, in fact, my FIFTH jury summons. And I have had (in total) 13 years (official) exemption from jury service.

I should get another exemption for this because,according to the jury act:

Schedule 3 Persons who have a right to claim exemption

13   A person who:
(a)  within the 3 years that end on the date of the person’s claim for exemption, attended court in accordance with a summons and served as a juror, or
(b)  within the 12 months that end on the date of the person’s claim for exemption, attended court in accordance with a summons and who was prepared to, but did not, serve as a juror. (my emphasis)

Which raises the question - why waste time and resources sending me a summons in the first place? I guess they're banking on people not actually looking at the jury act.

Of course, if my exemption is rejected, I'm really going to be pissed (and my boss will getting legal advice.)
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So this is Xmas. Currently we are at [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966's parents place up at Lake Macquarie, where we have brought the rain with us from Canberra.

Apart from the nephews (more later) this holiday season has been immersed in rain punctuated by staccato bursts of coughing, limiting both our mobility and our sociability. Our recovery seems timed to coincide with our return to work, hopefully we'll have enough energy for NYE.

It's been an appalling year for many of us, so many losses, so I'm trying to face the new year with renewed, but not entirely justified, hope.

And speaking of hope - the nephews! Named independently, yet confusingly, Lucas and Luke.

Lucas is my brother's son, five years old and resident in Yorkshire, necessitating a flying trip from my brother to bring him over for Xmas and back to the UK in time for the start of the school year.

He is, of course, absolutely gorgeous. And he took to me immediately, subjecting me to the various indignities of being spat on by a penguin or mauled by a magpie, instruments of torment we had unwittingly provided him with under the guise of Xmas presents.

We will see him again in the new year, just before he returns. And then it will be another two years or so. This may necessitate some letter writing in the interim.

Nephew deux, aka Luke, is still at the larvael stage, at 18 weeks of age. So his impromptu carrolling was, let us say, disappointing. As was his tolerance to brandy. At least he bonded well with our present to him, a dragon named Bartholomew. Unfortunately we had to make do with a stuffed toy version, but I'm hoping that advances in bioengineering will allow us to present him with a working version nce he is of age.

Apart from the nephews, our time has been spent reading. We have been working our way through the Bryant and May mysteries, I've just finished The Seventy Seven Clocks and, for a change of pace, am now wading through the post-modern quagmire of House of Leaves.

And now, [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966 is cross stitching and the world is filled with the sound of cicadas.


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