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So, four entries this year - and only two outside of the [community profile] cult_movie  community.

Thanks to [profile] ferkster  for his contribution

And [personal profile] dfordoom  , a habitue of these parts for their contribution

And [profile] pickle_press  for their's

(and a late entry - only because I was told of it last night) [profile] slayergirl77  with her entry

My entry has just gone up.

The most represented director was John Carpenter for three different films - The Thing (twice!), Halloween and In The Mouth of Madness.

The earliest film was Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) from dfordoom (naturlich!) and the most recent films were all mine - The Descent, Rampo Noir and Naboer (all from 2005).

(EDIT: with [profile] slayergirl77  's entry the Steven Moffat Dr Who story "Blink" is now the most recent.)

Thank again to all those who participated.
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Or terror in my case, as I'm not a big gore fan by any means and lately horror's become synonymous with the rending of flesh rather then the tearing of the mind - I prefer more subtle terrors as my choices indicate:

24 Hours of Horror under the cut! )

Happy Halloween!

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Eli Roth programs a 24 hour horror film festival

(and I'm impressed by some of his choices but, as you can imagine, it's a little too gore heavy for my tastes.)

In fact - let's make this a challenge - Post your ultimate 24 horror film festival running from 12pm to 12am.

I'll work on mine over the weekend (when I have some real time available.)

The 24 Hour Horror People Challenge

Your task is to program a 24 hour festival of horror films, tv episodes etc that will run from 12pm to 12pm the following day. Justify your choices for each particular slot. Use Eli Roth's list ( http://www.avclub.com/content/feature/24_hours_of_horror_with_eli/1 )  as a guide to format.

Some ground rules

- it runs strictly from 12pm to 12pm (no going over because you want to fit in that season of Buffy)
- everything you choose has to be freely available on DVD or as a digital download (and watchable through a television set - so no Flash animation please)
- you can include short films, tv shows, even documentaries
- an English language option (either dubbed or subbed) has to be available.

Post this on your own blog to get others interested (use the 24hourhorrorpeople tag so I can locate the entries) and I'll post links to all the entries on Halloween (Australian time)

So get cracking!

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