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- that makes me a real writer now, doesn't it? (I don't have to open it or anything, do I? The interface looks horribly confusing and I can't find the "Shit script out here" button.)
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Since April this year [livejournal.com profile] ferkster and I have had a play produced (or at least give a rehearsed reading) at least once every month:

April to June - Relics (in the Shorter and Sweeter Regional Tour)

July - Relics (in the Sydney run of Short and Sweeter)

August  - Multiple Choice (given a rehearsed reading)

September - Crossed Lines (in Playspotting or Melborn 08)

October  - Crossed Lines (again in Playspotting) and The Old Crowd (in Spring Carnivale) and Multiple Choice (performed at Ballarat Grammar)

November - The Old Crowd (in Spring Carnivale)

December - With This Ring... (next week in the Blue Mountains - still waiting on details.)

Kind of sets the bar higher for next year, but we shall see...

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It happened to [profile] ferkster  and I again last night. We were stuck on moving a play forward until we threw out the image that sparked the play in the first place - that freed us up to get the whole thing moving.

Is that a regular occurrence for other writers?
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Ten writers give their opinions (including two of my favourites - Paul Krassner and Mark Dery)

(I still think writing for performance, rather than writing as performance, is what really pays now.)
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[livejournal.com profile] ferkster and I's two plays "Faithless" and "Remember This" are both on the short list for the Melbourne season of "Short and Sweet".

Again, woot!
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The script of the first few pages of "The Killing Joke"

What's really scary is that this looks like a first draft.
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From a review of Fables and Reflections 7 on Horroscope:

Remembrance Day, By Iain Triffitt, is the stand-out story of this issues. Expertly crafted, the tale takes place in a world where history has given way to entertainment. The populace can immerse themselves in a virtual re-enactment of events such as the sinking of the Titanic, but without any real risk to them – many historical events are not re-enacted because of their danger, and thus are forgotten. One designer of the virtual worlds rebels and seeks full accuracy in his worlds. Triffitt manages to make this world feel extremely real and viable as an alternate future, while also telling a beautiful and touching tale.

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