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Yes, it's that time again when I cajole you all to come along to [livejournal.com profile] ferkster's and my latest mini-masterpiece (or minipiece) "Multiple Choice" - the story of a woman on the brink of a great discovery and the lengths she'll go to to stop herself.

Showing soon as part of the Short and Sweet 10 minute play festival.


It's on the 27th of January to the 1st of February @ 8:15pm (Tuesday to Saturday) 5:15 (Sunday)
At the Newtown Theatre (cnr of Bray and King Streets, two blocks up and over the road from St Peter's Station)

Tickets $28 Full / $23 concessions (that's just $2.80 a play each! Whatta Bargain!)

Bookings here -

Anyway, hope you can make it
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which includes [profile] ferkster 's and my play Relics:

Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs, N.T. 30 April/ 1 May 2008
Darwin Entertainment Centre, N.T. 3 May 2008
Cairns Civic Theatre QLD. 6 May 2008
Riverway Arts Centre Thuringowa, QLD. 8 May 2008
Pilbeam Theatre, Rockhampton Performing Arts Centre QLD. 10 May 2008
Brisbane Powerhouse QLD. 13 – 17 May 2008
Jetty Memorial Theatre, Coffs Harbour, NSW. 20- 21 May 2008
The Little Theatre, Woy Woy NSW. 23-24 May 2008
The Drum Theatre, Dandenong, VIC. 27 May 2008
Frankston Arts Centre, VIC. 29 May 2008
Warrnambool Regional Performing Arts Centre, VIC. 31 May 2008
Canberra Theatre Centre, ACT. 3 June – 7 June 2008

so it's in Rockhampton tonight before moving on to Brisbane next week.

I'll be in Canberra on the 7th of June for the last night. Hope some of you get a chance to see it!
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I got a message today that our short play Relics is going to be included in the Shorter and Sweeter regional tour, playing dates in Brisbane, Darwin and Canberra as well as regional centres in NT, QLD, NSW and Victoria.

I'll put a link up to the places and dates when they're available.

And, yes, [profile] ferkster and I will be getting paid for this.

This will make it a fourth outing for Relics, which has played the Seymour Centre, the Drama Studio in the Sydney Opera House, the Victorian Arts Centre and the Esplanade in Singapore.

Now all we have to do is write a full length play with the same impact and longevity!
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For me at least. It's still got another three weeks or so before the gala and the end of the festival.

I kind of enjoyed acting again, and kind of found it an imposition. At least we were the first play of the evening which meant two things:

- I could leave early and

- the play didn't work.

Our play ("Play Removed Due to Legal Advice") was meant to disrupt proceedings, not lead them off. As it was, on most nights, it took ages for the audience to warm up and enter into the spirit of it.

We shouldn't have been so parasitic as to ride in on the energy created by other plays, but whoever scheduled the running order can't have read the plays, otherwise they would have known that our play shouldn't have gone on first.

Oh well, I'm looking at it as another lost opportunity (like "The Old Crowd" last year, which was miscast but still kind of worked. We were robbed of the chance of seeing what we actually intended though.)

"Play Removed" certainly wasn't one of our best plays, but I don't think it was shown in it's best light.

Still it was good to work with Mal again, and also some of the cast of "Gone Bush" (as well as Nadine, Fran and Luey who worked behind the scenes on "Gone Bush" but were onstage during this production.

But, it seems, we should go back to writing more conventional plays.
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went a lot better. I feel happier now that I've had it confirmed it's a comedy.

(It's still in the wrong place though)
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last night's dress rehearsal went well, but (as I remarked to Mal - the director) the last time I acted on stage was when my father was dying...

(I hope Mum's all right...)
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For a change, [livejournal.com profile] ferkster and I only have one play in the Sydney Short and Sweet Festival-

and I can't tell you the title (well, not yet.)

It's on at the Newtown Theatre from Wednesday to Sunday. (8:15 most nights, 6:15 on Sunday with a 3:15 Saturday matinee.)

I'm in this one, and have had to remember all the stuff I've forgotten about acting (it's been at least a decade since I've trod the boards).

It's pretty ambitious (e.g. there's seven in the cast and eleven characters) for a ten minute play and I hope it works. I'm beyond the point of having any kind of objective view of it at the moment.

Anyway - for further information go here (btw - our synopsis is purposely misleading)

Oh - and it's the first play on (which required some last minute re-writing.)
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but both of [profile] ferksterand my plays got into the Sydney Short and Sweet short list this year.

One is definitely going ahead (as Ferknerkle's entry) - the other is unlikely to (because of its, ahem, unusual casting requirements) - but still...
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To recap:

[profile] ferkster and I had one play in competition in Short and Sweet this year - The Entree was Death. We came third in the People's Choice and about sixth or seventh in the judging. So imagine my surprise when I check the results of the Gala Night (where the overall awards are given out) to find:

Our production won Best Independent Theatre Company!

Yay, Ferknerkle!

(esp. Mal, Olivia, Paige, Aaron, Max and, of course, [profile] ferkster )

In other news - more on Project X when I can get a screen grab together, and more plays in the offing (I've been co-opted to work on a script for Theatre in the Raw, and a theatre company has picked up one of our Short and Sweet entries for a season of short plays in May.)

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