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Current Australian politics as Harry Potter fanfiction.

For those late to the story, you may want to brush up on the first part.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] blamebrampton at Vincent Crabbe and the Goblet of Bile
You may have been wondering what’s been happening in Australian politics lately. Haven’t we all, kids, haven’t we all.

One or two people too lazy to look it up on Wikipedia have been waiting longer for a sequel to this post than I’ve been waiting for Jo Rowling’s Potter Encyclopaedia. The difficulty has been that the recent government has been unsatirisable. Because they are so ridiculous, it's hard enough to convince non-Australians that the reality is real – actual jokes about them are doomed.

However, recent events have left me with no choice but to hit the keyboard. Thus, I bring you:

Vincent Crabbe and the Goblet of Bile
This may not actually make it any clearer for most of you ... )
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Anyone else as bored with the AWU "scandal" as I am?

Muted the news last night because I was so sick of it.
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ABC story for confirmation

Uncharitable commentary* starting...


*changed for reasons of clarity - see comments
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Kate Lundy has been made a minister!

(though not of communications, sadly.)

(okay - points off for making Bob Carr Foreign Minister, but at least he'll be out of the county. Pity he'll have a return ticket.)
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Is it just me, or does his arguments seem economically illiterate for "the world's greatest treasurer"?

And why is the argument about the "wasteful school hall construction program" still going? I thought it had been discovered that there was only 2% inefficiency - which is much lower than the private programs that the Howard Government lumbered us with.

And the missing word from your argument against the levy, Peter, is "infrastructure" - unless you want charities to pay Queenslanders to rebuild their own infrastructure themselves. I'm sure there's heaps of private contractors that you and Abbott can recommend.

God, he's like a vile stain that just won't wash out...
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So that's how "audited" budget costings turned out to have an 11 billion dollar hole.

And to think they're still a heart attack/scandal away from being our government...

(having a shitty day at work so I've got to take it out on you all...)
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The story everyone but the ABC missed:

Tony Abbott actually wanted to go on missions with the troops in Afghanistan.

I knew he wanted to go back to the polls, but to force a by-election in Manly?

(this made me angry - the hooha about not visiting with the PM and "jet lag" I thought was a nonstory - it was up to Abbott to decide when he wanted to visit the troops - but to want to put them and himself actively at risk reveals that, as Guy Rundle pointed out in Crikey, he really is just a 16 year old boy.)
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Turnbull is still leader of the Opposition - 48-35.
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(bongo drums)

Brendon Nelson!!!

Excellent choice for Leader of the Opposition (assuming, of course, they want to remain in opposition)
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[first in a series of catchup posts - bear with me]

Last Wednesday night, [profile] murasaki_1966 and I went to see Casey Bennetto's Keating the Musical at the Seymour Centre:

The Good:

The cast were great - Mike McLeish was a revelation as Keating, capturing the charming bastard perfectly whilst keeping up a blizzard of tap-dancing and singing. Eddie Perfect and Terry Serio as everyone else were good too - Perfect being a very fetching Alexander Downer in the "Freaky" segment.

The first half - had a real dramatic momentum, going from the Kirribilli agreement to Keating's first election win.

The Bad:

The second half - all dramatic momentum drained away by loosely connected songs dramatising the "highlights" of Keating's prime ministership; Cheryl and Gareth, the Mabo decision, the Redfern speech. Any sense of story was thrown away in the second half until we reach a surprising and, to my mind, rather masturbatory conclusion. The songs were better in the second half, I grant you, but the overall effect of the show was diminished.

The depiction of Howard. I'm not a fan of Howard but the emphasis on his physicality and general nerdiness were crass (as I guess was Downer as Frankenfurter, but that was saved by being funny.) Serio did a good job of capturing Howard's physical tics, but I realised why the Right (at the time) complained about the bullying from the Left (deeply ironic now, I know, but still...) The end of the show left me with an unpleasant sensation that was compounded by:

The Ugly:

Trying to leave the Seymour Centre car park we got stuck behind an endless succession of BMWs and Jaguars that just kept pushing in a head of us. We literally couldn't move for twenty minutes (whilst other cars backed up behind us) until some dick jumped in his Jaguar, drove the length of the car park and tried to push in in front of us. I lost it. I swore at him and reflected later that -

This is what the Keating legacy and the Howard ascendancy has made us


I must never, ever, ever fall to road rage again - as a passenger.

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