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[livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966 and I are in Albury at the moment recovering from three days of boardgaming at Bordercon.

We've had a fabulous time - caught up with a lot of friends from all over the Australian gaming scene (and hopefully made some new ones.)

I'll be posting a fuller report as geeklist on BoardGameGeek, but as fair as I'm concerned, Neil Thomson and family have done a great job putting together the best game con I've been to.. Much better than the more commercial Australian Games Expo in Canberra on the Australia Day long weekend. For a start, we could spend most of our time playing games and less time hunting for space to play games.

tomorrow we'll be catching up with [livejournal.com profile] eneit and pushing on to Wagga Wagga - then to Cootamundra and Canberra. One of the joys of a road trip is being able to make last minute changes of plans.

Albury itself is a lovely small town so hopefully we'll come back next year - even if it means we miss the Natcon.

As I'm typing this on my iphone, you'll all have to wait until I'm back in Sydney for pictures and details. At the moment, we're just basking in the afterglow of a wonderful convention.

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I'm going to do this from time to time, so you have been warned.

There's a regular games night at the Petersham RSL - I only attend every second Monday (as the alternate Monday is the Ferknerkle workshop.)

To start with I tried to get a handle on High Frontier:

Sierra-Madre Games are fairly old school game publishers - that is they're not adverse to complex rules, charts and the occasional dice throw (or in this case, die throw.) High Frontier is a simulation of near future exploration and exploitation of the closest bits of the solar system and we played just enough of it to work out where we went wrong and that we would have to start the game again from scratch to really get anywhere.

The problem is - rockets have a total mass made from their components. Fuel adds to this mass. Fuel is expensive (it is also the currency in the game) and you need heaps of it to move a rocket containing everything you need to set up a base. This was our major mistake - you just need to send the bits you need, one at time, to a colony, and then assemble the base once everything's arrived. Then you can build better technology to move further. There are so many rules and acronyms the actual game was barely visible but as we plowed forward things start to make more sense and we caught glimpses of what we were really supposed to do. I can't stop thinking about it, but it's a game that requires an afternoon on a weekend, rather than a Monday night to fully grok.

Then a couple of games of Archaeology whilst we waited for the other table to finish their game of Chicago Express:

Archaeology is a fast playing card game of trading with a common market and set collection (and trying not to be wiped out by too many sandstorms.) I've found even non-gamers enjoy this and the fact that it's Australian makes it all the sweeter.

And finally a five player game of Glory to Rome:

Two of the new regulars were itching to play this, so we had an epic game of this, one of my favourite games of all time. Once they got used to the card flow (and the AHA moment where you go - "Wait a minute, I can do this, and it's by the rules? Really?") the game fairly rocketed on, though M has stumbled into an evil combination that slowed his turn down every time there was a patron action. N (one of the new players) won, barely, as I shut down the game before G (the other new player) could get a Forum victory. G and N were both enamoured of the game, and we're going to make it a regular event. One of the best games of GtR I've played so far.
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Drove down to Canberra last night with my friend Phil, who noticed (as the night started to draw its veil around us) that the headlights weren't on.

Oh shit.

For some reason the high beams were still working so we burned out the retinas of those in front of us but, hey, at least we could see them.

So, this morning I'll dump Phil at the con and hopefully get the lights repaired.

For those interested in the Australian Games Expo - here's a group blog that will be updated through the weekend.

Not sure I'll have time to catch up with friends, but [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966 and I will be up again for the Paris Exhibition in a month or so.

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well kind of.

[profile] murasaki_1966 went to see her parents, so I could go with her, or see some of the Ferksters in a new horror film The 7th Hunt - which was having its premiere screening at the Chauvel Cinema.

Whilst it was good to catch up with Mal, Liv (who is in some of the other plays that Relics is touring with), Chris, Matt, Lauren and Kathy (ie. half the cast of Gone Bush) the film itself was, well, not to my taste. Very much of the torture porn genre with no logic, or story or characters to recommend it. What I generally describe as a very long sit.

Honestly - it's great that people can pool their resources and fight their battles and get a feature film made off their own bat - but does it have to be such a tedious, sadistic mess? Mind you, that probably makes it a perfect ticket to Hollywood.

At least some of the performances were good (as I would have expected.) Liv's was especially notable, considering most of her screen time was spent hanging from a pipe whilst Mal rearranged her internal organs with a hunting knife. Yes, it's that kind of film - the term that occurs to me is nearporn. Made for prurient reasons, but coated with a thin veneer of narrative disguising it enough to slip into the mainstream distribution channels.

Today, [personal profile] ashamel, [profile] kylaw and Jason (who's not on lj as far as I know) came over so they could introduce to me (finally) to the Fantasy Flight version of Fury of Dracula. I'd played the original Games Workshop version sometime ago, and ebayed my copy (to verb a noun) so I was interested in seeing how the revised version played. It was a bit clunky for my taste (rules still needed to be referred to during play, some book-keeping was missed etc) but on the whole it was fun, especially when Mina Harker finally caught up with Dracula in Dublin and beat the living crap out of him, armed only with a crucifix and her fists.

We finished off with a three player game of Pandemic, which was fun (we managed to save the world, even without the help of the Medic and the Scientist.) I'm still not entirely sure that Pandemic isn't a team-building exercise disguised as a game.

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