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A brief summation of our first attendance at Continuum

Okay, first some grounding so you know whats underneath my feet:

This was my first Continuum , not my first SF convention - the last SF convention I attended was Loncon and [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966 and I wanted to recapture something of that feeling locally.


It was also competing against a con we have regularly attended for four years - it was high time [livejournal.com profile] murasaki_1966 attended a con she was actually interested in, and wed heard good things about Continuum. So while I wasnt exactly at Continuum under sufferance (and, for reasons I must obscure, actually glad I went) my social media feeds were filling with photos of my friends having a better time than I was.

Im hoping this was atypical of Continuum. It felt hastily and improperly assembled - certainly the convention chair gave the impression shed rather be anywhere else than standing in front of a crowd, and the panels seemed, for the most part, fairly generic. Generic to the point where I walked out of the horror panel because it was stuck on the definition and allure of horror, a discussion that Id move past decades ago.

And that was the major feeling I had from the con - I didnt feel like I was missing out if I attended one panel over another, or even didnt attend panels at all. Not that there werent panels worth attending by any means - but they were hugely reliant on the passion the panelists had for the topic, or their ability to narrow the focus of the panel - some of the panelists just seem to have been there to fill in slots.

I met up with some old friends and saw some faces behind some e-quaintances. My friend Laura called my bluff on something so were cooking up a project together, but it was rare that I felt actually engaged and immersed in the con. Maybe I just should have had different expectations, maybe Continuum is not the con for me.

On the whole, I would have rather been in Albury.

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